2017 closed

Closed on Mar 25, 2018 at 09:17pm CDT

Welcome to the elm-conf US 2017 Call for Proposals (CFP) period! This is when you can submit a talk for inclusion in the conference.

Here's how this is going to go down:

  • From April 10 to May 12 you can submit a proposal.
  • If you submit before May 8, we will give you one round of feedback on your proposal.
  • We aim to have acceptance notifications sent out by June 2.
  • Once we have a full schedule and alternates, we will notify everybody who didn't make it.

Proposals will be evaluated anonymously by a small panel. We won't see names or bios until later in the process. First time speakers, here's your chance to shine. Seasoned veterans: bring your A-game.

We expect to have a fair number of submissions, and we only have a limited number of spots (elm-conf US is a single track conference so nobody misses a thing.) Please don't let this keep you from applying! Last year we were able to get a great mix of veteran speakers and new voices on our stage, and we hope to repeat that this year.

Accepted speakers will receive, in addition to their speaking slot, tickets to elm-conf and Strange Loop, lodging, and travel booking. If you are coming from within the continental United States, we'll be able to cover your travel totally. Otherwise, we will provide you a stipend of $550 for your flights.


We're specifically looking for these kinds of talks:

  • Case Studies: How do you use Elm at work? For clients? As a part of your larger open-source project?
  • Personal Projects: What are you working on that excites you? How are you using Elm and/or Elm packages?
  • Multidisciplinary: Have you done something cool with Elm and graphics? Music? Hardware? Any non-computer-science field of study?
  • Teaching: have you thought of a fun way to teach a concept? What mistake did you keep making until you learned X? What could people do if they just knew about Y?

If you have a proposal that doesn't fit within these buckets, please submit it anyway. These are only guidelines and things to get your thoughts flowing about what you'd like to talk about.

That said, we probably won't accept talks about category theory or other high-level mathematical concepts, talks solely about how Elm is insufficient or bad, talks about non-Elm related frontend work, or talks that are not about Elm. The focus of the conference is on shipping working software using Elm and making Elm more mainstream. But, if you have a really strong idea, go ahead and submit it before the last week and we'll give you feedback directly.

For more general guidelines on writing talk proposals, see our CFP announcement post.

Clarification 2017-04-16: If you are the maintainer for a particular part of the Elm ecosystem, by all means feel free to talk about your future plans for it! However, elm-conf talks should not speculate on what others might do, and especially should not pressure others to change course; the one-way nature of the elm-conf stage makes it unsuitable for debate. If you have suggestions for what the language and ecosystem might do in the future, elm-discuss, /r/elm, and the Elm Slack are more appropriate venues.

CFP Stats

60 proposals